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Poker Strategy

Read poker strategy articles from today's top poker pro's. Improve your game with these articles before playing at the top USA Poker Sites. We have added a few of our own and hope they help improve your game.

Poker Strategy Articles - Perfect Your Game
Strategy Article Author
Avoiding Bad Situations Ultimate Poker Bonus
Common Mistakes Phil Gordon
Head's Up Tournaments Ultimate Poker Bonus
Playing Over Cards Andy Bloch
Playing Smaller Poker Sites Ultimate Poker Bonus
Setting Goals Ultimate Poker Bonus
Small Pocket Pairs Ultimate Poker Bonus
Sit 'n Go's Made Easy Howard Lederer
Table Position Ultimate Poker Bonus

A great saying in online poker is that Texas Hold'em takes a minute to learn but a lifetime to master. We agree 100%! To become a great poker player you must be willing to spend the time reading as much material from established players as possible. Today's poker pro's have thousands of hours of experience playing poker and it is important to read as much information as they are willing to offer.

Above we have listed some of our favorite articles from poker pro's as well as some of our own. We recommend you read as many as possible and hopefully take away something from each article that you can use in your own style of play.

Check back often as we add new articles on a regular basis.

One quick tip - know your pot odds. Pot odds are very important when playing poker so that you know whether you are making a good investment when calling a bet. The percentages can get complex, but you can use the rule of "4 and 2".

After the flop count your outs and multiply them by 4. Example, you have 5 outs so you have a 20% chance of winning. To call a bet it needs to be equal to or less than 20% of the pot. Going to the river the multiplier decreases to 2. Multiply your number of outs by 2 to get your winning percentage to calculate your pot odds. This rule is not perfect but it is close enough. You can also use this rule when making bets to en sure you are not giving your opponents good pot odds so they keep chasing and beat you.

If you need the rules of different games check out our poker rules page for an in depth explanation on how the different games are played,